Stay at Home Sunday Girl #3

Another weekend is drawing to a close, and with Monday fast approaching, we all need some escapism. A little touch of pop culture and fantasy is needed to drift us off to foreign lands, and make us forget, temporarily, our wretched and forthcoming morning alarms.

This week I’ve indulged in my fair share of Funny cat videos and trash TV, but I’ve also managed to squeeze in consuming some share worthy items for you all.


Much of my fashion/clothing inspiration is taken from the 1970’s. Along with the 60s, it’s my go-to decade when I need a style pick me up. The suede, flowy Bohemian rock crochet-covered coolness just makes me swoon!

It’s no surprise then that I count ‘Almost Famous’ as one of my most-watched movies. Kate Hudson’s wardrobe as the mystifying Penny Lane is EVERYTHING, and this article I stumbled across from the DAZED archives reignited my love for this movie and it’s fashion once more.





After ogling at Kate Hudson’s afghan shearling coat for a good 10,000 hours, my next port of call for an eye-catching movie, is in the form of some stunning cinematography.

I’m certainly not the first person to say that Wes Anderson films fulfil all my aesthetical dreams, but they do.

More recently, I’ve been admiring, not just the picturesque and intrinsically detailed sets, but also delving deeper into what makes them so beautiful. 

Through this process I’ve came across two videos, the first chronicling Anderson’s visually pleasing use of a technique called ‘Planimetric staging’, which involves the centring of his camera shots. The second is an interview with the Cinematographer Robert Yeoman, whom has worked on every Anderson film, where he shares his knowledge and delights in the world of cinema.






Yet again I come forth with another podcast recommendation. Since starting my work placement and being surrounded by a group of lovely ladies who absolutley ace their jobs, I’ve subsequently dedicated myself to reading up on successful women who thrive in their careers, and I have become even more motivated to be a *prepare for the cringe* Girl Boss.

I have started listening to ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’; a podcast from blogger and author Emma Gannon, which discusses the trials and tribulations of life online. In every episode Emma converses with a fellow girl boss, from Liv Purvis to Lena Dunham, talking all topics from trolling to feminism.  It leaves me feeling inspired, proud to be a woman and determined to succeed, and to not let my insecurities hold me back.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, now it’s full steam ahead for the working week! Let’s just hope the steam is stress-free and welcomed with a good night’s sleep!
Thanks for reading,


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