Stay at home Sunday Girl #2

Happy Sunday everyone,

Here I am, as promised, with my second instalment of  weekly recommendations for all things pop culture and journalistic! This week has been a rather peculiar one; travelling between the midlands, to home in the north east, and finally finishing the week in Manchester, where I have just begun 3 weeks of Work experience doing PR & Marketing – PHEW.

It’s been a busy one, and at the same time it has included some rather long pauses; me on my beloved Megabus, filling time between running errands and just generally being a lazy sod. However, perfect opportunities to indulge in some reading, watching and listening are brought about by said pauses! Listed below are a few favourite materials I have consumed this week.


I came across an insightful interview with JW Anderson on the Guardian website this morning, where he discusses the importance of  the democratisation of fashion and taking responsibility for the art-forms that you put out into the public domain.

“I believe that we have a cultural responsibility in terms of our stores, in terms of how we communicate, because ultimately we’ve got to help each other to try to ‘democratise’ fashion in such a way that it can be accessible on any level” – JW Anderson


L-R JW Anderson, The Cribs



With every cross-country journey, comes a cross-country playlist. My music library has been transported back in time to 2007 with my incessant playing of one of my favourites; ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever‘, The Cribs’ third album. The Cribs are definitely up there in my top 2 favourite bands (they constantly battle out for the top spot with Arctic Monkeys). ‘Men’s Needs’ is an album that is fully loaded with banging tracks, although in the last week ‘I’ve tried everything’ has rang the most true for me; the feeling of wanting to make something of my life and move to a big thriving city, where opportunity and fun is to be had at every turn.



Three years ago I saw ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ at the cinema, and I absolutely ADORED it. I promised myself, having been mesmerised by such a masterpiece, that I would dedicate a significant amount of time to educating myself in all things Wes Anderson; from watching all his filmography, to researching his most dreamiest film locations and inspirations. Alas, three years later I’ve finally gotten round to watching another of his films. it’s been a long time coming.

Yesterday, me and Jack took to the settee armed with peanut M&M’s and an open mind, to watch ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ (it’s currently on SkyGo). I found the film to be visually stunning,  although the narrative did take a while to get my teeth into, I didn’t  find myself fully invested  in the plot until (SPOILER) the death of the young boy in the river, and the events that followed, and the film ended with me feeling rather fulfilled and wander-lusting of India.

I also find myself having to admit the crush I developed on Adrien Brody’s character, Peter, throughout the film. I was undoubtedly charmed by his lanky, retro sunglasses-wearing sass, which gave me the vibes of a young Bill Nighy.


The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Thanks for reading, please do leave any recommendations of things you’ve read/watched in the comments below!

Em x

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