Prague, a photo diary

God evening guys and gals!

Alongside a multitude of other things I’ve forgotten to do this week, I have failed to shoot a new outfit look for my blog! This is due to a combination of failings, from the weather failing me by offering a whole load of sodding rain and thunder-storming (I doubt I can make the rain look glamorous à la four weddings and a funeral), to me just generally failing at time keeping!

So rather than self-loath over my poor organisation skills, I thought why not share some more of the the memories made on my inter-rail trip. One of our last few destinations was Prague, it was my first visit to the Czech Republic and it probably won’t be my last! Rather than rant on to you about the daily happenings, I thought I would do something different to my usual by simply sharing a few of our photographs from  the 3 days we spent in the beautiful city.

IMG_1898IMG_1896IMG_1911 (2)IMG_1941IMG_1900IMG_1917IMG_1908IMG_1963IMG_1931IMG_1954IMG_7498IMG_1964IMG_1957IMG_1967IMG_1950IMG_1975IMG_7333IMG_7431IMG_1976IMG_7491IMG_7492





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