Stay at home Sunday girl #1

As sung by the audacious queen of rock Debbie Harry, Sundays, first and foremost, are for staying at home. We may occasionally drag ourselves out for a cup of coffee or a quick look round the shops, but really, Sundays were invented for lazing. Subsequently, that seventh day in a week that we spend in the duvet with a cuppa and a croissant requires some recommendations; of the entertainment calibre.

Every Sunday, I aim to share my top picks of books, articles, TV etc, almost like a weekly favourites, but provided on the day of the week when you most feel like consuming them all! So without further ado, here’s the things that have got me laughing, crying, feeling inspired or just made me feel all fuzzy inside that I think you should all get on board with too! 



Moranifesto Caitlin Moran

I cannot sing Caitlin’s praises enough, I ADORE her. She is an incredibly intelligent, hilarious and passionate writer, whom not only leaves me crying with laughter, but also encourages me to raise awareness of the issues close to my heart; from championing feminism to tackling racism. Moran’s most recent book (2016), combines her recent columns with some brand spanking new pieces, tackling all topics from her troubled relationship with printers, to the welfare state and the comfort in wearing tights!


Again, I make no secret of how much of an inspiration Megan is to me. From her wardrobe and sassy sense of humour, to her fab personality and career journey, Megan’s blog/youtube/ALLcontent makes me want to improve my own content and make bolder style choices! This particular post she posted last week (alongside some AMAZE photos- those trousers tho), has encouraged me to review my wardrobe and update it with some unique new pieces that will inject some much needed quirk thus improving my confidence!

Lula Magazine

I picked this beauty up in ‘Magma’, a small arty book shop in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. The magazine initially drew me in with its whimsical editorials, it’s whole aesthetic is entrancing. The articles are also well written; concerning art, general social commentary and of course fashion.




The High Low Podcast

I’ve recently discovered ‘The High Low’ playlist with Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, it has been going since March but I’m new to podcasts in general and this weekly instalment has me hooked. I’ve been catching up on hours of its bold and hysterical content! The two wonderful women, discuss an array of topics; from current affairs to last weeks episode of Made In Chelsea. Both Pandora and Dolly have established successful careers in Journalism, and The High Low podcast is another testament to their intelligence and hilarity.

The High Low is based on the founding message that life is best consumed with a mix of the trivial and the political. The errant chin hair to Trumpian politics.



Gilmore Girls

Again, for my first  ever Sunday recommendations post, I just had to inform you of my absolute FAVOURITE programme. ‘Gilmore Girls’ will endlessly have a place in my heart, I only begun watching the first series around March time, and I now only have one series left out of 7, it’s gonna kill me when it ends!  It’s the most heart-warming, fun, and well-written series, and (as cheesy as it sounds) it always leaves you with a smile on your face! All 7 series (plus the revival) are still all available to watch on Netflix, as I hope they will be forever. It’s definitely going to be a TV programme I consistently re-watch throughout my life.




Thanks for reading my first ‘Sunday Girl’ post! I’ll be back next week with more recommendations!!

Em x



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