For a minimalist, I’m pretty materialistic

Good evening all,

Of late, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I value in life, and what career path I hope to go down. I’ve always loved fashion, and continually longed for a career in the fashion industry. To me, styling and fashioning an outfit is art; it expresses what you want your identity to be that day, how you’re feeling, and what music you listened to when you got dressed that morning. It both fascinates and comforts me.

However, I do disagree with the concentration on excess and ‘must-haves’, that a proportion of the industry seems to champion. I am of course a walking contradiction, I’m the first to click on a ‘haul’ video when it pops up in my Youtube subscription box, and I really do have enough clothes to rival Paris Hilton circa 2004 (I don’t however have Kim Kardashian to organise it).

What I’m trying to say is that I do feel like I’m battling my morals at times when attempting to justify purchasing yet another cute slogan tee, or another pair of cheap black Primark heeled boots.



As someone who recognises that true happiness comes from both within and the people we surround ourselves with, I often struggle to subside my pride and admit that wearing a sassy outfit does improve my mood. Sometimes a little retail therapy doesn’t come amiss, as long as we recognise that the happiness bought from purchases is often fleeting, and it won’t leave us smiling ourselves to sleep in the same way reminiscing on a hilarious night in with the girls would.

Materialism is pretty much unavoidable in the world today, as a girl who writes a fashion/lifestyle blog, I’m promoting it myself! Truthfully, I’m not entirely ashamed of it, fashion *cringe* is my passion, a banging outfit makes me feel inspired, confident and ready to take on the day! However, all that really matters is how it makes YOU feel, what you own/buy shouldn’t change how you view other people, and certainly how you treat them.



Despite the snazzy Paramore-themed blog post title (Hands up if you always wanted to be Hayley Williams), I wouldn’t really call myself a minimalist. My bedroom somewhat resembles an episode of ‘Extreme Hoarders UK’, and I make more impromptu trips to Topshop than I’d like to admit. I am however, making a conscious effort to buy less and use what I already have a whole lot more. This will both save me a whole lotta money (something I am in extremely short supply of), and hopefully place less importance on material goods.

In this spirit of this, my outfit in today’s post is composed of entirely thrifted items, my dress was £7.50 from an online vintage boutique on ASOS Marketplace, and my leather jacket was £9.99 from a British Heart Foundation charity shop (originally from Zara). The belt is an old one I nicked from my mam, and the metallic boots are Primark but I scored them on Depop for a modest fiver! Nevertheless, when all thrown together, it looks pretty good if I do say so myself!!


Thanks for reading!

Em x

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