Cheating on my Dr. Martens

Hi all,

Todays post is named in the spirit of its corresponding photos, in which I am pictured not in my Dr. Martens shoes?! When in England, I alternate between 2 shoes; the forementioned Docs or a black boot. Simples.

Of late, I have been digging out my wardrobe, selling unwanted clothes and shoes on Depop. During said process I stumbled upon these babies, my once beloved Converse Chuck Taylor All Star’s. Back in 2k8 I had 3 pairs of these bad boys, in navy, red and black. They didn’t come off my feet. (At that time I also had a penchant for wearing footless tights, but we don’t need to relive that faux-pas now do we.)

Upon finding them again, I thought I’d give them a go given their versatility and suitability for the current transitional period we are in now between warmer and cooler climates.


The problem clothing-wise for a lot of us is that we don’t even know what we own. The excessiveness clouds our ability to restyle and re-incorporate old faves into outfits alongside new season buys. Clearing out our wardrobes is essential in both a way of detoxing and cleaniless, but also to prohibit us from buying a new season teddy coat, when really if we hunt back through our stuff we may a perfectly sassy one from Tammy girl in a surprisingly roomy 15-16 years. Or not. But honestly, it’s surprising what we can find stuffed in our chest of drawers that we haven’t dared clear out in years.

The only issue with converse is that I don’t feel particularly body confident in them. I know you’re thinking “they’re a shoe Em?!” But I do always find that being a pear shaped gal, trainers (when paired with jeans) often accentuate my chunkier features and shorten my legs. Alas, with age I’m learning to care less, and to be honest the comfort certainly outweighs the worry when I compare the experience to strutting round Asda in my leopard print heeled boots!

IMG_2343 (2)IMG_2345IMG_2344

Today I paired my shoes with this UH-MAZING new zebra print belt from ASOS. The buckle is oh-so fabulously eighties, and the belt is a faux pony skin material adding extra sass. The top I’m wearing is from a charity shop, but you can find a similar style here. My jeans are also from ASOS and are the washed black straight leg jean. The faux leather jacket is Zara.


Thanks for reading guys, I hope you feel inspired to save your pennies and search through your wardrobes to breathe much-needed life into some old pieces!

Em   x

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