Goodbye my Lover

All relationships are tumultuous, my love affair with Leeds has been no different. Over 3 years together, we have endured both periods of joy and admiration, as well as a lot of resent and boredom. However, upon leaving the city, and entering the world of adult, I have entered a state of mourning.

Our breakup song would definitely be “Sign of the times” btw *sheds tear*

I knew well in advance that leaving university would be hard, I struggle with change. Heck, I cried for two days straight after leaving primary school, so leaving home and embarking on this fleeting 3 year adventure was bound to make a strong impression.


Yesterday, I moved back home to the north east. As much as I’ve missed that fresh sea air, the friendly faces of my fellow Seaham folk and the  increased accessibility to high quality cheesy chips and garlic sauce, it’s still hard to turn my back on Yorkshire.

I’m terrified that the next few months will hold a lot of sobbing and emosh messages to my mates, wishing we could just be back at table 43, ordering a Wetherspoon’s brekkie. Thankfully though, I have a lot to look forward to, in under two weeks I will embark on a month long European trip with my boyfriend, who is undoubtedly the best thing to come out of the last 3 years! –Here I go again with the cheese

Hopefully I get a decent degree as well! In my eyes, university was about much more than an education, it was to gain independence, experience life and make some new fabulous friends. All of which I’d like to think I’ve done!



Many thanks for reading. We should all be a support system for each other throughout this hard time of mourning our identity as students. I’m dreading losing my student discount in September, but that’s another issue!

Em   x



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