A breath of fresh air, and some poached eggs

I miss the sea when I’m in Leeds. Living on the coast, the air is fresh, the wind is a little too fresh, and you feel free. 

Being trapped in a landlocked city like Leeds or Manchester, I start to go a bit stir crazy. My closest saviour is the countryside. I love living in a city for the amenities and the liveliness, but I also like nowt better than hot chocolate in a countryside pub and a good old public footpath.

Bolo tie necklace- La Moda Top- Miss Selfridge
Flower Fairy

I had a rare Saturday off last week, and rather than blow it all on the same old £10 burger from some ‘industrial style’ restaurant where every man that serves you has a beard, tatts and an affinity for real ale, I decided to visit some of the countryside fairly close to where my boyfriend is from in Tameside. We visited Uppermill, a village in Saddeworth, Oldham.

It’s a beautiful village in a valley amongst the south penines, but just 11 miles from Manchester. We fancied a walk about, popping in a few little shops and a spot of breakfast (yes breakfast I actually got out of bed before 12 on a day off!) 

For breakfast we chose to dine at The Wagon Inn, located at the beginning of the high street, a gastropub with a lot of choice.

It wasn’t mega cheap, breakfast averaging at cost between £4-9, but for presentation and taste it was worth it.

I opted for a dark hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and cream, and to eat, eggs Benedict. It was the first time I’d tried eggs Benedict, and truth be told I thought it was always just something posh people ordered who couldn’t stomach a full English. Embarrassingly I did feel v sophisticated, tucking in at 11am on a Saturday morning, I’d have really felt the part had it not been for my doc martens and baby pink sparkly socks. 

Jack opted for a ‘mochaccino’, posh bugger, and pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. When it came out I did think they were taking the piss portion wise with just 3 pancakes at the £4-5 mark, although I had a try and they were incredibly fluffy yet filling.

After our delicious breakfast, we explored the little village some more. Of course I couldn’t resist going in a few charity shops- I’m doing a lil post later this week on my charity shop shopping tips!

Then we scooted off to Ashton to do what any sane person does on a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon, go to the Cinema.

We saw Bridget Jones’ Baby, which I know has received very mixed reviews. I didn’t find it as laugh out loud as the previous two, but it was incredibly exciting seeing bridget back on the big screen, and the ending is hugely satisfying and emotional. 

FACT: chips taste best woth the tiny wooden fork

I feel like all I write about revolves around food.
Hopefully next week when I start back at uni again and attempt to restore order, routine and ambition back into my life
that I will suddenly be inspired to create more diverse content.

I have hundreds of ideas, but my photographer is fickle! So a lot of my content currently revolves around whether he can be arsed for me acting awkward infront of a camera for 10 mins.

He never smiles on phots but hs an excuse here with a chip in his gob
I’ll see what I can do!

Thanks so much for reading,

Em x 

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