Autumnal Neon

Good Day to you all,

I couldn’t be more apologetic about my lack of posts recently. It’s down to a number of reasons, a general lack of inspiration and a face full of spots being one of them! But I can sit here and list reasons all I want, when all I need to do is get the ball rolling again.

I feel as though here I am illustrating the Angelina Jolie Leg pop without the sassy thigh high split dress
Dress- Asos

I saw this dress on megebabe Megan Ellaby’s YouTube, as a part of her Autumn Trend series and instantly fell in love. Although, as she mentioned in the video, the material is a light weight linen and a bugger for the colder months, layered up it’s is a great transitional piece. Or it’s fine all year if you’re a Mackem lass like me, and don’t need a coat till its -3degrees.

It’s slightly brighter in real life, which to be honest I totally love. It gives it a real rock n roll edge, especially when teamed with this mesh top and a trusty leather jacket. I threw the sunnies on too cos of the bastard wind, my eyes were running like a tap!

Sniffing dem berries

Mesh Top- Ark Clothing Pleather Jacket- Vila

In the summer worn on its own I think it’ll have a Raver come Safari explorer vibe, a Bez/Nigel Thornberry mashup if you follow, which I’m more than happy to try! For £18 in the Asos sale this dress is truly a steal.

Wind + My Eyes = Disaster


Em x

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