Hi all,

The week and a half since finishing uni for summer has been a blur. Already I feel like I am wasting time, but I don’t want to leave bed either. Especially now that back home I have a new mattress on my bed, although weirdly my dad thought it would make sense to keep the old one underneath it. So I am now essentially the princess and the pea.

My face is a moon
Sassy af top: Topshop Necklace: La Moda. Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Shoes: Doc Martens
I’ve been in Manchester most of this week as Jack and I hadn’t spent a full day together since both our exams ended. I picked up a few things in Northern Quarter,which I’ll probably do a post on this week. Thanks so much for the views on my last post, unfortunately for you all I am going to try and keep posting regularly! If I can drag myself out of my 2 week long Game of Thrones marathon that is! (I just today read the R + L= J fan theory and I’m majorly shipping that!)

we all love dat insta filter
backpack: La Moda
Sorry this post was short and sweet, but I had to share my amazing new pink leapord shirt. It fits in with the pyjama top-style shirts floating about atm, and the fabric is incredibly lightweight and beautiful, however I can’t help but think that at £34 it’s majorly overpriced. And how sassy is my lilac fringed backpack?! I used to knock the backpack till I tried it, can’t fault dat weight distribution! Once you’ve experienced that you’ll never touch a handbag again.


Em x

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