Vintage… So Adorable


Yesterday (4th June), I decided to make something of my morning before my usual 2-8 Saturday shift. A few weeks ago, the event ‘Leeds Affordable Vintage Fair’ popped up on my facebook timeline, and with having a bit of money saved up from last month’s pay I thought why not blow it all on clothes? I’ll never learn.

The event took place at Leeds’ Corn Exchange, which visitors will know is an absolutely stunning building, its interior being, in my opinion, the most beautiful in Leeds. It was also free entry into the fair, which makes it great for just a bit of window shopping for inspiration without spending your pennies.




The clothes for sale weren’t mega cheap, but with the ‘vintage’ coming in a boutique pop up shop setting I didn’t expect a proper bargain. I scoured the sale rails but most of its content was on the more fancy dress side of vintage, none of which I could’ve pulled off!

I did however find a super unique top for £18, It caught my eye instantly because of its unusual combination of beautiful colourful embroidery and black velvet material. I’m getting gradually braver when it comes to colour, but black velvet is my kryptonite and I just had to have this piece!


Top – Vintage Skirt – Forever 21


Secondly, I bought an adorable little pinky ring from @diamondintheskyjewellery. I can extend its size and wear it on my ring finger but I think worn on my little finger it adds something different to my usual stack of silver rings I wear on my index, middle and ring fingers, and it cost me just £5.


With vintage fairs and pop-ups its good to even just have a browse and gather some inspiration, particularly from the boutique owners themselves. I’m envious of how some people can throw a whole outfit of vintage items together and make it look incredibly cool, I still have to mix and match with high street as I’m not quite brave enough to rock that head to toe vintage vibe! Vintage shopping makes a pleasant change from the gruelling busyness of Trinity and the rest of Leeds City Centre. And who doesn’t love finding something a bit different from everyone else?!

Thanks for reading,

Em x

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