Wear Whatever the Hell you Want this Halloween

Women never really get a break when it comes to wardrobe choices, do we?!

All year we are inundated with people telling us how to dress, so much so that we don’t even get a break on Halloween.

Halloween serves a lifelong source of fun; from gorging on sweets and being hyperactive nightmares as kids, to filling up on Vodka and permanently damaging our eyesight with freaky contacts as adults.

One sure thing that changes about Halloween as you get older is the increasing levels of judgement around anything you choose to clothe yourself in, yep anything. Traditionally the debate is split into two camps, the “Halloween is for scary costumes, why dress sexy?!” slut-shaming camp, and those gals who do a supermarket sweep of Ann Summers every October 31st . The latter of which no one should have a problem with.

‘Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” – Cady Heron, Mean Girls 2004.

Note the time stamp above, I know it’s trying to explicitly get a point across but even calling a girl a slut already makes a negative judgement, even with the accompanying statement about no girls commenting on your attire.

Wearing lingerie out the house is a personal choice, if it offends you then that’s your problem.

Personally, I’ve never gone full ‘sexy’ for Halloween. The sauciest levels I’ve ever reached is attempting Ginger Spice back in first year, although I must say that my eBay union jack sequin dress was far from Geri’s ensemble. I looked more like a mess in a ginger tatty wig and a flag-covered potato sack.

But again, it’s Halloween, it’s a bit of fun so who cares? A lot of people apparently!
At the end of the day, dressing yourself is a choice; whether that be something on the sexy scale or a more conservative choice. Your actions account to people’s perceptions of you, certainly not your clothing choices, if that was the case people would still be looking back at 2002-2004 me andmarking me off as an Avril Lavigne impersonator (I wish).

Let’s also assess the fact that costumes on offer for women and the way they are marketed differ largely from those designed for men. As an observer, I would say that 95% of the women’s Halloween costumes in my local fancy dress shop are shorter, tighter and more provocative than their male counterpart. For example the ‘lumberjack outfit’ for men it’s just a checked shirt with jeans, a hard hat and a fake hammer. The women’s version is a cleavage spilling cropped plaid top with tiny denim shorts and thigh high PVC boots; not so practical for cutting down trees and certainly of the sexy calibre.

If these are the only affordable costumes on offer, what do you expect but a rise in appearance of them? Because we certainly aren’t going back to chucking a bed sheet over our heads and shouting BOO.

Halloween is fun, embrace your fantasy whatever that may be, whether you step into town dressed as a naughty nurse or as Kermit the Frog, just enjoy yourself!

Feel sexy on your own terms, and dress however the hell you want.

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