Stay at Home Sunday Girl #4

Bonjour Dimanche!

Lazy Sundays are, as fore mentioned in previous Sunday girl posts, my idea of heaven. A time to lament in relaxation, get up to date with your organisation, and to immerse yourself in recreational activity of your choice – in my case binge watching Stranger Things whilst wolfing down bowl after bowl of raspberry ripple ice cream.

As my full-time job hunt continues I have encountered more and more articles, songs and TV that I want to share with you all!



Following the atrocities of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the subsequently powerful #MeToo campaign, other industries are beginning to re-evaluate and question their leading ‘talents’. Photographer Terry Richardson has long been accused of sexual harassment etc. yet he continues to be hired for some of the biggest shoots in the game; from Kylie Jenner’s 2017 Calendar to Vogue. This Guardian article detailed this case really well, and asks why it took the Weinstein case to trigger the questioning and scrutinising of the photographer’s role and influence.





Okay, so I’m suuuuper late to the game here, but RuPaul’s Drag Race is now my life. I am mesmerised by both the nomenclature of Ru and all the queens, and the sheer effort and talent that Drag requires, as well as just how much the art means to the girls. Drag allows them to channel their true selves, whilst at the same time inspiring us viewers. Sashay, Shante.





Having seen them live twice before, and being a huge fan of ‘My Love is Cool’, I was already a devoted Wolf Alice fan prior to their recent release. Determined for them to beat the second album curse, I listened wishfully to ‘Visions of a life’; and I wasn’t disappointed. I continue to be mesmerised by Ellie Rowsell’s vocals; from track to track they switch from hauntingly beautiful to unapologetically strong and effortless. My top tracks from the album are downtempo synthpop anthem ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’, and the dreamy ‘Heavenward’.




In today’s photographs I am wearing my incredibly soft and sassy ‘Girl Can’t Help It’ jumper from Joanie Clothing, paired with a red lip and my beloved Topshop ponte kick flare trousers. Both are linked at the bottom of this post, I got my bag abroad on a market but I have linked a similar style.

This is also the debut post for my newly dyed (its just semi-permanent) auburn locks!


I hope you all have an incredible week and thank you for reading, please send me any reading/music/TV recommendations you have!

Em   x




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