Velvet in the Summer

Hey guys and gals,

Yesterday Jack and I had a ‘date day’, rather than spend another day in bed binge watching Stranger Things (which I suggest you all do, btw) and drinking copious amounts of tea, we decided to splash some cash and have a day out in town.

First of we decided to pay a visit to Bem Brasil (Brazilian restaurant found in Liverpool, Leeds and Manc) for lunch, there’s an Olympic time deal on atm, £9.99 between 12-3pm. 

This involves an all you can eat salad bar, as well as much of the skewered amazing meats they bring over to your table you can manage. I’d definitely recommend. My one advice; HAVE THE PINEAPPLE! It comes out last on the skewers, and is glazed with sugar and cinnamon and omg it’s like a tropical Christmassy masterpiece. 

Do it.

Dress- Zara T-Shirt- Topshop Backpack- Bershka Choker- Ebay

We then saw suicide squad at the cinema, I would agree with the reviews in the sense that the characters are extremely well played in particular Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and chemistry across the ‘squad’ is clear. But there is definitely a severe lack of plot development, and my favourite superhero movie of the year is definitely still Deadpool.

We then went on to have one of those Revolutions cocktails in the Bag, we opted for ‘Pinky Promise’ which was far too sickly for me, but I had to see what all the hype was about. It definitely looked as cute as I’d hoped.

I wore a gorgeous Zara velvet slip dress, in a gold/beige colour I would never normally go for. It felt super 90s and I paired it with a white tee underneath, as its a bit low on its own for day wear.

I decided to team it with my new Bershka silver backpack and my Bulgarian schnidey (-is that even a word) ‘Dior’ sunglasses; £3.50 people! Even if they break in a week I think they’re worth it for the sass!

Thanks and speak soon,

Em x

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