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Greetings and Salutations,

Sorry for my absence I’ve been on a family holiday, which basically means 2 weeks of eating till you can’t take no more. The Jackson’s like to eat. I didn’t fancy producing a replica of my Rhodes diaries where all I do is list what I’ve ate everyday!

We went to the town of Sozopol in Bulgaria, my family have an apartment there and this is the 9th year I have visited. It literally is my second home and a beautiful spot, the oldest town on the Black Sea coast.


Hat- Urban Outfitters   Waistcoat- H&M


It’s a beautiful touristy town, but not built up like nearby sunny beach, It has the bustling liveliness to provide you with lots of activities, but also retains its traditional charm with cobbled streets winding through wooden houses and authentic Bulgarian restaurants.

Sozopol is fabulous for families, as mentioned above I’ve been going since I was 11. The people are very friendly and everything is incredibly cheap. At one point 12 of us went for a meal, 2 courses each with around 2/3 rounds of drinks and it came to about £120. Bloody bargain!


Top- Dorothy Perkins   Maxi Skirt- Primark   Bolo tie- La Moda



First match of the season for Sozopol FC

Sadly, I arrived back in England 2 days ago and was hauled straight into shifts at my new job, I’m mainly working weekends so I’m going to attempt to upkeep a regular posting schedule of varied content.  I hope you’re all having an incredible summer, thanks for reading!


Em x

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