Saturday Night At The Movies

Hi all,

I believe nothing is more underrated and undervalued than a good old fashioned trip to the pictures. From Ethiopian dystopian dramas to the intellectual moving plot of Magic Mike, I’ve seen’em all. Independent cinemas are a rare breed, the orang-utans of picture houses so to speak. We must keep them going. I live in Leeds and approximately 3 minutes walk from my house is Hyde Park Picture House, a cinema that has sat pretty since 1914!!!

Prices are incredibly reasonable compared to big brand cinemas such as Odeon and Cineworld. An adult ticket is £7 and its £5.50 for students. Not only that but you get so much more than a screen in a dark room, the interior is breath-taking; theatrical and grand with a balcony and big red velvet curtains that announce the commencement of each film. There is also a small bar inside that sells a few beers, fizzy drinks, popcorn and crisps.

Another thing I love is that it sometimes shows old films for anniversaries or simply as a result of high demand, from a Christmas time showing of ‘Dr. Zhivago’ to the late David Bowie’s ‘Labyrinth’.


Just over a week ago on a lazy Sunday afternoon I caught a showing of Ben Wheatley’s dystopian comedy/drama ‘High Rise’. The Guardian described it as ‘bringing an anarchic sense of fun to JG Ballard’s story of societal collapse, turning it from a warning into a joke.’ I must admit it really is a strange film, the element of dystopia is really lost in the unexplained madness of it all. I’m all for a kooky story but it really is crazy. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it in some strange way. I was confused, bewildered and sickened, yet I couldn’t look away…

And not just because of Tom Hiddelston’s bum 😉

High Rise Trailer

I’ve linked the trailer above if you wish to make your own mind up!

Thanks Folks,



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