Postcard From Positano: A Travel Guide

Hello again, it has been a while. Too long really. I haven’t felt much motivation for anything to be honest but inspiration has spontaneously reappeared, and here I am.

I’m going to be sharing lots with you from my recent visit to Italy, starting today with my favourite place; the stunning town of Positano.




We ventured there via bus from Sorrento which took around 40 minutes.

One word: Quells.

The winding roads and cliff edges are a lot if your idea of a journey is a coast down the M1. Jack nearly vommed in his backpack. Not ideal.

I recommend any potential travellers go by boat unless your stomach really is made of steel. But now onto the nice part…






Imagine turning a corner on a coach and incessantly blinking in disbelief at the beauty that lies in front of you.

You reach out to snatch away the postcard you assume has being pushed under your nose, but you just find yourself grabbing air like a mad woman… because it’s real.

Positano is a sun drenched fairytale of meandering streets with narrow white washed stairs, wooden shutters and deliciously familiar smells of garlic cooking and citrus candles burning (although not both at once, that would be nauseating).

My best advice sights-wise in Positano, is to simply lose yourself in it’s wonder.

It’s not so big that you could actually get lost in a bad sense, all you need is a few hours to stroll through it’s stunning streets and absorb it’s splendour and get lost in a poetic “I’m Lana Del Rey exploring Italy to find my true purpose in a White cotton mini dress” kind of way.

Another quick mention is that I’m not a beach person by any means possible but Positano’s offering is a must-visit and oh so glam (coming from someone who rocked up in a Primark playsuit they bought for the Year 10 French trip). So make sure to pack a towel and have a splash!








We were only in Positano from midday to the early evening so we opted to eat a large lunch while there – with a few snacks (as always) chucked inbetween.

My first note would be that it is rather expensive, particularly in comparison to Sorrento. In Sorrento the average pasta or pizza costed around €10, whereas in Positano you were looking at €16+.

We ate at a restaurant a few metres away from the beachfront under a large white canopy with a sort of nautical vibe. Obviously I’m useless and can’t remember the name of it, but I’m sure all the others along the front are just as lovely!

I opted for a seafood tagliatelle, and as a pescetarian I must say that I was hugely impressed by the quality of the fish throughout our whole trip (especially in this dish!) and how it’s price wasn’t exceedingly higher than veggie or meat dishes. Jack had a lasagne that was also delicious apparently, so good news all round.

We also stumbled across a little local bakery later in the day that was selling pizza by the slice, so we grabbed a €3 XL slice of Napoli and were as happy as clams munching away at the bus stop. The little bakeries and cafes dotted around are a fab way to grab food on the go and have a much more purse-friendly day!








It was around 30C when we were in Positano, so it wasn’t exactly prime weather for strenuous activity or indeed too much sun exposure when you have to go through life resembling Casper the friendly ghost (me if you can’t already tell from my sheet white legs in the photos).

As fore mentioned, Positano needs to be explored on foot to be fully absorbed.

Walk around, swim in the Med, grab a gelato and watch the boats gently sail by.

It really is a fabulous place to unwind and observe, especially with all its romanticism. People-watching is a must with all the beautiful couples in town, especially if you’re a soppy sod like me.






Positano is definitely one place that should be on everyone’s bucket list, although I’m certain I’ll go back (no rules about ticking things twice, eh?!).

If you’d like any specific recommendations don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or if you want to see more of my holiday snaps and some more outfit related post make sure to check out my Instagram @emilyrosejacko.

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