The Secret Garden

Hey all,

this post is just a little life update before I jet off for the week. I was feeling uber motivated and inspired today, but now I’ve just ate my bodyweight in chocolate and I feel pretty much like a giant slug. (Those giant Oreo Cadbury’s bars are £1.25 at Wilkos so how could I say no.) Today I was supposed to pack for Rhodes, sort all my shit out from the house in Leeds, and be healthy for the few days before my holiday. So far today I have ate 4 slices of toast, a large McDonalds meal with a cheeseburger on the side, chocolate and half a pack of Pringles. So mission not really achieved. Plus, I’ve cheekily got Just Eat open on another tab, cos why start eating salad now?..


As you can see the Oreos have settled somewhere around my thighs..
It was unusually sunny though this afternoon, so I did seize the opportunity to have a lil bit of Hendricks in the sun, featuring my brand new straw fedora I got in the Urban Outfitters sale, £26 down to £13.50. I’m never brave enough to wear a hat outdoors, I always put it on sassily but by the time I reach the front door I bottle it. I got this straw one as I thought I could wear it on holiday next week and test drive it before I brave it on the streets of Britannia. Besides, my ghostly face needs all the protection from the sun it can get.

Choker- Ebay   Bralet- Hearts & Bows @ Ark Clothing   Hat- UO

Trooooooooousers- Ark Clothing
Sorry this was short and sweet, hope you all have a great week. My Chinese is currently en route hehehe (genuinely stopped to order it midway through typing this)! CHOW MEIN GET IN MAH BELLY.


Em x


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