Into The Woods

Hi! As a newbie I am obliged to introduce myself; I’m Emily, I’m 20 and I’m a Media Student in Leeds. I’m originally from a canny little town in the North East called Seaham, however I split my time between there, Leeds of course, and Manchester where my boyfriend lives. My whole life is one big transpenine express train journey.. it never ends. However, the upside is I get to experience 3 different areas’ cultures, fashions and food. I can be really, really greedy.

My eyes are closed dreaming bout that kebab for tea

Fashion and Music are what keeps me going. And how the two inter-relate is what inspires me every morning when I wake up. If I put on Last Shadow Puppets I’m gonna go for a feline flick and mini skirt. If I’ve got Iggy Azalea on I’m gonna think fuck it and go for my clueless canary yellow kilt. I love it.

Today, I got dressed to the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours album. Coincidentally, I chose this beautiful floral flared-sleeve number from ark, which is (SOB) shutting down. I paired it with a grungy leather skirt, which as you’ll come to know is my best friend. I have 3 black leather skirts, one candy pink and another baby blue. They’re just perfect, from a pub lunch to nipping to Aldi. I do it all in one.


Top- Ark/Skirt- H&M/Shoes- Dr. Martens/Necklace- Vintage/Sunglasses- Primark

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!



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