An Introduction to Memory Motel Vintage

I’ve taken the plunge and transformed my relatively active depop into a full-blown vintage emporium.

Memory Motel Vintage is a personal pursuit which I hope will flourish into a much larger part of my life, beyond depop. I also hope that each of the cherrypicked beauties I sell make a new owner very happy!

All the items will be affordable, as I find a lot of online vintage to be bank breaking, especially for students! All of my items are under £30, and the vast majority are under £20 including postage.

I am hugely passionate about secondhand clothing. Nowadays, I can confidently summise that 80% of my wardrobe was not bought new; something I am extremely proud of.

I am an advocate of vintage and will sing its praises to just about anyone who will listen!

High street clothing may make you feel comfortable or confident and will undoubtedly bring short-term joy. But I ain’t lying when I say that no garment parallels the pleasure of uncovering a pre-loved jewel. It’s more unique, better for the environment and you can daydream about the life of its pre-owner, sensationalising whenever you wish…(i.e convince yourself Debbie Harry once wore it).

From a charity shop 00’s M&S find to a 70s jagger collared wonder that transports you back in time to a swingin street soundtracked with The Stones.

Memory Motel Vintage has been named aptly by a song that conjures all the nostalgia and rock’n’roll vibes that I hope for the store to project. The track, ‘Memory Motel’ is a 1976 release by my all time favourites, The Rolling Stones.

I fell head over heels in love with The Rolling Stones just over a year ago now. I was quite late to the game i understand, but I’ve been doing all I can to catch up!

After purchasing a (secondhand haha) copy of Keith Richards autobiography ‘Life’, I immersed myself in their world.

I have had an eternal interest in all things 60s and 70s, particularly rock music and style. Keef’s memoir had me daydreaming hard and I was soon obsessed, first plunging into the Stones’ discography and then the wardrobes!

The Rolling Stones have, along with my passion for vintage clothing, been the driving force behind this venture. A quick pinterest search of ‘Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg’ will provide all the outfit inspiration I will ever need.

Memory Motel Vintage will be filled with pieces you can easily mix with your high street faves as well as your existing pre-loved garments. Appealing to vintage devotees as well as newcomers to the secondhand game!

I have set up an Instagram to run alongside the store, as well as some mentioning and shameless plugging on my main account. @memorymotelvintage will provide general aesthetic inspiration as well as previews of items for sale. Please have a browse and/or a follow, I am ever grateful!

Finally, I’m rounding this post up with a themed playlist. Because what’s an outfit without its own soundtrack!